Connecting with other Visual Thinkers at Vizthink Berlin 2008

Back in 2008 I had my first encounters with other Visual Thinking Pioneers during the Berlin Vizthink Event in the fall of 2008.
It was a lot to take in. First I wondered wether I should go in the first place. I had some thougths and wishes, but they all came through.
I went for the right reasons and got what I asked for... So I am trying to get the most of it out of my head and back onto paper or preferabily on line... There is a lot of work to do.

Meanwhile drawing lessons are finding their way to the internet.

As a start I introduce you to Ole Qvist-Sørensen of the Danish company The Bigger Picture.
I met Ole in Berlin during Vizthink Berlin
and also worked together in Vizthink Amsterdam.
He's great and inspiring.

On YouTube Ole gives a simple approach to using pictural elements. This is a helpfull introduction to Visual Thinking.
Please watch it at a convenient time.
If you want: practice this...
First for yourself and then in real life situations.
Please keep me informed about your experiences.